education shows with snakes and other reptiles
Simon and Siouxsie provide educational animal talks and have a huge selection of animals – exotic species being our specialty.

We usually like to bring with us to such events a variety of snakes (small, medium and large!!), lizards, tortoises, spiders, scorpions, giant millipedes, etc, etc – the list is endless! However, we can specifically bring along just snakes or if preferred ‘creepy crawlies’ then that can be arranged. We usually find a selection of each works best.

School talks are fun – but education too and can be based on Key Stage 1 or 2 topics such as ‘Mini beasts’, ‘Rainforest’, etc.

At a school summer fair we find a ‘static’ display works best, whereby we have tanks on display with the animals contained with signage detailing fascinating facts on the animals. We also will be bringing out the various animals so the children are happy to touch or even hold the creatures!

All animals used at these events are generally safe and are handled on a regular basis so are therefore fantastically behaved at such events with minimal risk to the public. However, we would like to point out that we are fully insured should an incident arise and also have an Animal Activity Licence which is required by law. We are also DBS checked. All animal welfare standards are met at such events.