Siouxsie Gillett
Siouxsie Gillett is a qualified herpetologist (the study of reptiles).

Originally from North London, Siouxsie may not have grown up surrounded by forests and countryside but that didn’t stop her passion and desire to work with animals. A strict vegetarian from the age of 7, and with the aspiration of becoming a vet, Siouxsie dedicated her time to the care, nature and nurture of all things wild.

Now a professional herpetologist, she specializes in deadly reptiles, amphibians and crocodiles. After years of managing zoos, and exotic pet shops around the UK, Siouxsie turned her unique skill set of handling deadly snakes to TV and Film. Amongst many accolades, Siouxsie was the reptile handler for many well-known films such as the Harry Potter franchise, Exodus films and various BBC David Attenborough series, working with all different types of animals, from big cats and wolves to scorpions and spiders.

It was only when Simon walked into a job interview at her reptile park that their lives would change forever. Although the couple had known each other professionally through their respective industries for over 14 years, it was destined that their paths were to cross again. “As a form of favoritism, I would put a little extra sugar in his coffee at work, and I guess it all started from there”.

Simon and Siouxsie now share their home together in Hertfordshire
with venomous snakes, spiders, meerkat, frogs, a parrot and even a crocodile. Deeply passionate about working in wildlife and conservation, Simon and Siouxsie split their time between the UK and South Africa, where they help look after, rehabilitate, save and relocate animals.

They regularly speak at and host reptile and natural history events across the UK and South Africa – forever passionate to teach and educate the public about the wildlife around them.