Simon Keys
Simon has hosted over 30 primetime wildlife shows for Nat Geo Wild, yet his route into TV presenting was certainly not a premeditated one.

Simon grew up in Hertfordshire and his love for the natural world started at a young age. After finding his first newt at the age of 5, he immersed himself in nature. While his friends and family were terrified by anything creepy crawly, Simon spent his childhood exploring and learning about any creature he could find, creating a particular fascination with reptiles, fish and amphibians.

Simon proceeded to read every book he could find on reptiles, driven by a raw desire to learn more about these misunderstood creatures. At the age of 12, he finally persuaded his parents to let him keep a corn snake. By the age of 30, Simon ran one of the largest exotic and venomous snake businesses in England – from Taipans and Vipers to Rattlesnakes and Kraits.

With decades of animal handling experience behind him, he developed a passion for saving wildlife and conservation. In 2005, Simon took his unique skillset to Durban, South Africa, where he opened up a wildlife rescue company to save and remove reptiles and animals, from people’s homes and business’, to release them back into the wild.

While back in the UK, Simon was helping out at a local reptile park, where he met Siouxsie, the main Herpetologist at the centre, who also happened to be his boss.